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The cost of energy is expected to experience a dramatic increase over the next 3 to 5 years due to new legislation and infrastructure upgrades. Businesses can now gain a competitive edge by installing solar to generate their electricity and lock in energy costs. Commercial grade solar installations have now achieved true state of the art performance and reliability.

Smart Energy Group's commitment to every client is to insure that our projects are done on time and within budget. We believe it is our responsibility, in partnership with your team, to start the project with a detailed project plan that lays out our progress day-by-day,
week-by-week. The Installation Roadmap will take into account your operational schedule, material lead times, engineering, permitting, construction crew scheduling, and utility connection requirements.

The Site Specific Project Schedule Includes:


  • Planning, Design & Solutions
  • Permits, Regulation & Compliance
  • State & Federal rebates, grants, loans and investor Tax Credits
  • Technologysourcing
  • Full Project Management
  • Installation expertise
  • Approvals from Municipal, State, BPU, Utilities and NJCEP
  • Net-metering with the Utilities
  • Sale/Purhcase of SREC's
  • Continued Monitoring, Maintenace & Operations
  • Financing opportunities
  • On-going Performance Monitoring


The Smart Energy Solution includes real-time systems monitoring. These systems allow you to visualize and monitor your on site solar electric system. Many of the monitoring systems available will integrate conventional energy and renewable energy systems making them visible in real time through user friendly dynamic graphic visualizations. Web based solutions are necessary to improve energy efficiency, reduce maintenance, increase the ROI of your PV system, and insure your building is decreasing its carbon footprint.


Energy Monitor Systems allow you to:

Instantly see which energy systems are working efficiently monitor and track whole building energy consumption store historical data and reports of electrical consumption, demand, weather and other critical elements establish your building's carbon footprint track the impact of energy savings initiatives
achieve LEED-EB and LEED-NC performance measurement, enhanced metering and measurement, and verification credits.





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